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Download Gangstar Vegas – mafia game Latest APK v3.5.0n. In this third-person shooter action game, you will play as a rising MMA champion. Framed by the mafia, you are supposed to throw your bout at the fighting event of the year.

You have just become the most wanted man in the city. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightly and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever.

When talking about the topic of Gangstar Vegas Apk, many people immediately think of the Italian Mafia, Japan’s Yamaguchi-gumi and other gangs of these relatively well-known gangs. They also think of robbery crimes and arson such a bad thing. Although these all belonged to the characteristics of the gangsters, they also left an impression on the poor side. However, the reality is that once the gangs have reached the virtual world, they can emit their unique life style and characteristics more easily.The game map area of ​​9 square kilometers, and by the Havok engine to build, the picture is exquisite and gorgeous. “Casino City” several major elements: sports car, beauty, banknotes, gambling, shooting, a lot. Fire bombs, flamethrower and other cool weapons to choose from you, giant truck, violent sports car and fighter jets, including crazy transport you are either pick. In the game you are a part of the gang, participate in the gang fight, enjoy burning and looting it! As another peak of the open-minded action game, you can not miss it!

The story of the game was reminiscent of Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, a boxer who was also ordered to lose the game by the Underworld Big Boss and was beaten for violating the order. However, on the way, the hero encounters unfamiliar beauty to start a sinful journey to darkness. Although the opening plot set procrastination, but its wonderful CG is like watching a movie, play games down into secondary.

Compared to Rio de Janeiro game screen has improved, when driving a sense of collision is very realistic, but the details still can not afford to scrutiny, in addition to the protagonist outsiders jagged seriously, looking for a long time seems ambiguous, and the characters do not move around the lips communicate Mishap still exists. Sound effects driving a variety of radio stations can listen to the settings simply make people hooked, listening to heavy metal rock, rap hip hop or the 70’s retro style of death trip do not have a taste.

In addition the content of the game is quite rich, including the main story, robbery, murder, brawls, time challenges and racing and more. The game also provides a large number of skills and props for players to choose, players can upgrade or purchase skills, including props, including motorcycles, all kinds of cars, aircraft, yachts, pistols, submachine guns and so on, and skills are reflected in the upgrade props level To the corresponding benefits, such as increasing the maximum speed of transport and health, firearm damage, clip capacity, the maximum amount of ammunition and shooting speed and so on. In addition, Raphael has not yet experienced the game dressup element, like to configure their own exclusive clothing players can continue to explore.

It is worth mentioning that the restoration of Las Vegas for the amazing high, in addition to the Venetian Hotel, the replica of the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx and other buildings, even Rafael once visited the Rivera Hotel, play Over the promenade area where these are not yet well-known place is quite true.

For the tired players tired of life desperation can focus on driving a taste of glamorous casino scenery. However, the game is not enough gambling elements, it lost the original Las Vegas marrow.

Virtual gang life is not too interesting? Whether gang gang fights, robbery crimes, or break into the world, to experience alternative gang life, these can be achieved on the mobile platform. Of course, do not do this in real life, whatever the outcome, gang life is also an illegal thing, ah, pick up the phone to enjoy secretly.


Category: Action Games
Operating System: Android
Price: Free

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