Pocket Tarneeb APK Download For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Full


Pocket-Tarneeb-free-download-for-windows Full description of Pocket Tarneeb Games for PC.

Download Pocket Tarneeb Games for PC/Laptop/Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Not in the mood for a night out? but could use a nice, calm game of tarneeb? now we’ve got just the thing for you!

With Pocket Tarneeb we’ll save you the hassle of dealing cards, and calculating the score by letting you play on your phone or tablet, but with a lot of extra features of our own:

-Play Tarneeb with multiple score limits (31, 41 or 61) and multiple game modes (Black, Red or Pure)
-Online Multiplayer
-LAN Multiplayer
-A very easy and helpful in-game tutorial for Tarneeb newcomers
-Play Pocket Tarneeb against a challenging AI in an offline single player mode
-Auto-save your Tarneeb games in order to continue them later if not completed
-Place your bets and earn in-game cash!
-Control your game speed in single player mode
-Track your progress in Pocket Tarneeb through the Profile menu
-Play and earn XP to level up and show off your progress
-Various challenging achievements to unlock
-Buy and collect a variety of creative card decks and backgrounds from the in-game store


-Create your own avatar with hundreds of unique and funny looks (for both male and female) for other people to see
-Personalize your game theme by setting any colour you desire using the RGB colour picker
-Taunt other players by performing multiple, funny in-game actions
-Use memes to express your feelings
-Pocket Tarneeb Supports English and ‘Franco’ Arabic

– Find your friends on Facebook
– Share your game, profile or avatar on Facebook and Twitter
– Arabic language support in chat
– New level design
– Level cap increased from 100 to 500
– New leaderboard design
– New leaderboard for ‘Win’
– Save and switch between 3 avatar slots
– New ‘Power Play’ card animation
– Friends limit increased from 100 to 150
– Change your email at any time
– Multiplayer game filter selections are now saved
– New 50,000 coins purchasable bundle

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